What is Catholic Demonology?

Roman Catholic demonology is the study of evil, of the devil and demons, from a theologically Roman Catholic perspective. Deliverance ministry is a healing ministry within the church aimed at assisting those who are or believe they are demonically affected.

What if I'm not Catholic?

If you are not Catholic, you will still find a wealth of information on this page relating to demonology that will be useful to you in your quest for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The things which I claim will "work" to protect you in this site will only do so within the context of the information that is presented here. There are no magic solutions to demonic problems, which require grace and mercy to overcome.

Why the need for this website?

While there are a great many websites online dedicated to demonology, there are a tragic few which represent Catholic and Christian teaching on the matter. I certainly don't have all the answers, but as I have been a student of demonology and an intercessor experienced in spiritual warfare for over 13 years,  I felt it would be useful to place all of the things I have learned in one place, in the hopes that it will assist another who might be frustrated at the lack of available information out there. I make no claims to perfect doctrine on this site, but I do ask that if you find herein something which is of questionable orthodoxy, you correct me right away so that I may examine the question further.

If demons are dangerous, why are you writing about them?

Because they are daily written about by persons who do not hold fast to the teachings of the Church, thus leading the casual reader into error.Somebody needs to put the truth out there. In all of my days, I have only found one website dedicated to Catholic Demonology which I believe tells the Catholic truth, despite the fact that there are a plethora of "Catholic demonologists" out there who are- might I add- making a very good living doing what they do.
The information presented here can mostly be found on the Vatican's website but not in simple, straightforward terms that speak to an audience accustomed to paranormal "talk" and not in one accessible place. As interest in the paranormal increases daily with new television, radio and internet shows discussing the paranormal, there is an increase in need for someone to put this information out there.
I have personally worked with both lay persons and clergy who had NO IDEA where to turn for help, nor what they were getting into. Clearly, if you truly believe you are experiencing demonic activity, the first place you should turn is to your priest. If you are a priest, the first place you should turn is to your Bishop. Conversely, every one of us is experiencing demonic activity each day in the form of temptations to sin. All Catholics need to understand that there is a finite balance between a healthy understanding of the person of Satan, his plans, and his methods and caution not to overemphasize his work or his techniques.
The way I see it, the more Catholic teaching on the topic of demonology gets "put out there" on the internet, the better.

Why are you qualified to write on this subject?

I am not qualified to write on this subject. I am neither an exorcist nor a Roman Catholic clergy member. I'm simply a lay person who prays and who has had the unusual life experience of regularly encountering demons. I am doing this only because there are plenty of people who are less qualified than myself writing books about demonology who are NOT coming from a Catholic Christian perspective and who may be leading others into error and thus, into danger. My qualifications are purely experiential. They began in my childhood, when I had my first paranormal experience, and have continued on  into my adult life as a wife and mother, when I have been called upon to pray with and for persons experiencing what they believe to be demonic attacks. I make no claims to a "formal" education in this subject, and am speaking only from personal experience. I have learned everything I know from  persons with professional psychological and theological training, but have no such training myself. If this website is not sufficient and I should happen to be counseling you and I find that your situation takes me outside the realm of my knowledge and comfort, I will be referring you to priest exorcists and/or knowledgeable lay persons I know with professional qualifications whom I am quite certain will not stray from the teachings of the Church and who have much more experience than myself.

What kind of information will I find here?

Here you will find a brief catechesis with regards to the subject of evil in God's plan of creation as well as a catechesis on the doctrine of Purgatory, explanations on the various types of demonic activity in existence from hauntings to possessions,  assistance with self-help, what to expect when you get professional help, prayers and scriptures to assist you, and a number of blog posts regarding these topics, in particular commentary on demonic and paranormal news events as well as prayer for the destruction of demonic activity one might encounter in the world.

Do you think all ghosts are demons?

No. I do not think that all manifestations of ghosts are demons. Any paranormal enthusiast will be happy to share with you an endless array of evidence pointing to proof that SOME ghosts are actual roaming souls of deceased persons. I am of the opinion, and I'm fairly certain the Church agrees with me here although --again-- there is no official teaching on the topic, that most ghosts are actually demonic spirits trying to find an access point into the family/person. Because they are intellectual beings, and operate on intellect, they are able to discern our weaknesses easily. Because they are able, they live a long time and can observe very much of what is around us. It is nothing for a demon to impersonate a lost loved one, but it can make all the difference in us exercising our free will to welcome said demon into the home or into our person via occult rituals such as a seance, automatic writing session, etc. In my experience, I have seen over and over that a ghost will initiate contact by pretending to be something super innocent (a little girl, a grandmother, etc.) and then, as soon as they are "at peace" with the residents and co-existing happily, the demon begins to reveal its true intents. I have also seen that hauntings often begin just as renovations are completed on an older home. I believe this is because the renovations mark a "new" time in the life of the home and thus stir up the spirits around who have seen /been with that particular area or territory for a while. They see a new "opportunity" if you will. However, I do not believe that ALL ghosts are demons. In my personal experience, some ghosts are simply persons in the state of purgatory (which is not a physical place but a state of being) who are in need of prayer. As the times have caused the Church to "modernize" somewhat, and people have placed less emphasis on praying for the souls of the faithful departed, there has been an increase in need of prayer for the release of these souls from purgatory. Usually, having a mass said on the premises for the person and offering up prayers for their release will be very effective in assisting in that manner.

What does a demonologist do, exactly?

Depends on the demonologist. Some work in an official capacity within the Church, teaching and leading classes and mentoring clergy as they grow in their spiritual understanding. Others write books on their observations. Some assist at exorcisms, others assist people who write books or movies about demons. In my case, as God brings people into my life who believe they are experiencing demonic activity, I pray with them and for them, direct them to the teachings of the Church, and assist them in "translating" what they are experiencing to their own clergy until the crisis passes. This can take days or even months, sometimes years. Sometimes, they cannot find a priest who believes them or understands them, so I help them to connect with priests I know who can offer them sacraments and comfort. Most of my work consists of fielding "crisis calls" from people who are frightened, giving them immediate counsel, praying with them over the phone or in person, and gently leading them to Catholic resources which will result in grace being conferred and hopefully, deliverance if necessary. I do not have a team, although I find myself working with the same priests and laypersons more often than not. My best partner is my husband, who is a perfect complement, with his logical and rational nature, to my more intuitive and spiritually-minded nature. He keeps me grounded, and I help him see what he might have missed. Together, we have found a good balance over the years that has born fruit in the lives of the people we encounter. Interestingly, that has usually been particularly true when we have just gotten out of the way as much as possible and simply prayed.

I think my house is haunted, what do I do?

Follow the instructions on this site, beginning with the self-help section.

I think I know someone who is possessed, what do I do?

Follow the instructions on this site, beginning with the self-help section.

I want to be a demonologist, too. What do I do?

A long time ago, when I returned to the Church after an eleven year stint as an evangelical Christian and leader in a small deliverance ministry for a local church, I myself asked this question of several people I respected who were very experienced in the field. It seemed to be the next "logical step" in my ministry. This was, of course, my pride talking... I was accustomed to Protestant circles where "successful" ministers were ones with huge ministries who were acknowledged and  praised for their efforts "for the Kingdom." I didn't KNOW it was my pride-- after all, all I wanted was to see people delivered! But it was, because something inside me thought it would be cool to have a large deliverance ministry.
Aside from that desire, I saw a need within the American Catholic Church for people with the knowledge I had acquired. My return to the Church hinged, of course, on the Church's stance on demonology, and I had many questions about all the "red tape" I perceived. I wanted to be a demonologist so I would have the Church-given authority to minister to people in need of deliverance. Notice that this was mostly about ME, although I did genuinely care about the people who were suffering.
The people I asked to train me in an official capacity told me to stop, quit asking, and to go back to regular life, and not give it another thought. My confessor and spiritual director, as well as my husband, all said the same thing. I took their advice, although it pained me because of my natural curiosity and thirst for answers to help me understand past experiences. It also pained me because of my pride and desire for recognition, although I was not so aware of it then as I became later.
During the course of that year, although I was actively avoiding paranormal activity, I was exposed to 14 different demonic cases, which is a little over one a month. The most interesting thing about them was that instead of being "actively " involved -- ie, going to the homes and praying, as I had done as a protestant-- God kept me in my home, praying fervently as it was "all I could do." This was very humiliating, but I needed to be humilitated in order to be humbled.
I also suffered the repurcussions of prayer warfare in my own home and with my own family, making me realize that it was true, demonology was very dangerous. As the cases escalated in nature over that year, I realized two things. First, that they had been right. This knowledge and this work was dangerous, frightening and mentally and emotionally and physically taxing. I had never known this as a Protestant because I had a "no fear" mentality, thinking that I was untouchable.  I have learned to take this ministry much more seriously and cautiously. As a protestant, I was protected in my ignorance because I did not enjoy the protection of the Church. God's Mercy abounded! It still does, but now that I understand that I am under a particular spiritual authority, the lesson of obedience has set in and I have first hand experienced the blessing of obeying the Church and the frightening terror of ministering outside of the Church's protection.
Second, I realized that despite all those roadblocks, I realized that God was calling me to trust Him that this journey came from Him and that good things would come from it, and not just for my family. In other words, if God calls you to it, He will pull you through it, as they say. But pray that He does not!! Demonology is a frightening field that you cannot "leave at the office" at the end of the day. Demonologists are not paid for their services, and if they are wise, they avoid fame and praise, thereby forfeiting any acknowledgement despite all the hard work they put in. Demonologists are lonely. They are tired, as they often work or come under attack at night. They are "followed" home and thus they rarely fully REST. It is not uncommon for inexperienced demonologists to be hurt, become sick, or even die. Their family members and loved ones become susceptible to attack, which was particularly frightening for me since I am a mother of three young children. Deliverance can be a long time coming and you can lose hope. Many of the people who come to you for help are mentally unstable and people with poor mental health can be draining.  This is not to say the the power of Satan is greater than the power of Christ, but I say this to caution you that demonology is not a field in which a man will succeed if it is what HE wants. Every demonologist I have ever encountered who is honest with himself will say the same thing: "Only God can make a demonologist." If, after reading all this, you still believe that God is calling you to minister to demoniacs, then relax. God will lead you, and you will never succeed if you decide to lead instead. My suggestion to you is to pick up a copy of John of the Cross's "the Ascent of Mount Carmel" and to follow its directives.

Is your site approved by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church?

Not in an official sense. However I will  use only material that has been filtered through the lens of  Truth as revealed by the Roman Catholic Church's official teachings, with plenty of scripture references. And again, if something on this site is unorthodox, please do email me so we can address the problem.

What if I need more information?

You may email me with questions. I respond to all questions within 12 hours of receiving the email.